Catnaps Hotel Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Thank you for taking such good care of Elvis. He was so calm and content when we came to pick him up. When we brought him home, I was afraid he would be mad at us and hide like he does after the vet. He checked everything out just to be sure nothing had changed while he was gone and then he came and curled up next to me.  I can't say enough about your hotel and the size of the suites (with windows which Elvis loves). I like that fact that you and your family live on site and it is cats-only. It gave me peace of mind knowing that he would be safe and well cared for. I definitely recommend Catnaps and Elvis will be staying with you during my next trip! 

~Haidee K 

I just wanted to thank you for looking after Dinah so well. Also, thanks for the presents from Santa. I was really touched that you cared enough to remember the cats as part of your holiday celebrations. Your outstanding cat hotel is the only place I would consider leaving Dinah. Please don't ever think of retiring! Best wishes to you and your family.

~Anne C 


My cat, Rico, has stayed a number of times at the hotel for long stays. I was very pleased with everything about the hotel and the owner. I felt good about leaving Rico at the hotel and would not hesitate to do so again. Rico is spoiled when he goes there and Ann and Jean truly love and care for every cat at the hotel. I don't have to worry about Rico while we are away because I know he is getting the best care in my absence. The first time my husband and I left Rico at the hotel he was 7 months old and he adapted immediately. It made me feel good because I was nervous about leaving our baby but Rico was right at home. Would recommend the hotel absolutely without hesitation!

~Peggy T.

Awesome place to board your cat while you are away. No dogs allowed - only cats. Nice calm atmosphere. They are very clean and friendly!

~ 5 star

This "hotel" for cats is absolutely wonderful! Our cat immediately made herself at home. The place in very clean, bright and friendly. It is quiet and calm. There are various kinds of options depending on a cats needs. There is even a whole room for people who need to board multiple cats. The prices are reasonable. This is a place where the caretaker really knows cats and cares about your pet!

~ 5 star

After years of having someone just stop in at our home to feed and clean up after our cat, Chloe, I was thrilled when I had a viable alternative to leaving her alone when we traveled. After her first stay there, she willingly climbed out of her carrier and made herself right at home. Your facility is very clean and nicely set up and it is obvious that you care a great deal about all the cats and kitties left in your care. I have been very comfortable leaving her with you and it gave me great peace of mind while away to know she was being well cared for and had company. I would not hesitate to recommend Catnaps Hotel to ANYONE! I hope your business continues to thrive - it is a great service to all us cat-lovers !

~Gretchen M

I wouldn't leave my cats anywhere else! Catnaps is a beautiful, clean, cat-friendly facility. The owner is a true cat-person, and one of the most genuinely sweet people I've ever met. She's excellent in emergencies, too, and goes the extra mile when a cat needs special care, or has an issue. My cats hate to leave her when I come to pick them up!

~ Deb K

We left our beloved 1yr old Benny with Catnaps and I was so nervous. This was the first time we had to board him and I like to worry. Catnaps was so kind and patient with me - I called to check on Benny about 3 times the first and second day from the road. Catnaps always took my call and re-assured me that the Benny was doing well. Benny did just fine and he was one happy cat! Catnaps is fantastic and I will recommend them to everyone.

~Courtney S

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Fritz & Oz while we were away. We have never boarded them before and it was so comforting to know they were safe and being cared for. The minute I walked into the “hotel” I knew it was right. Knowing that my cats were in loving and caring hands sure made my trip a better one. Thanks again!!

~Carolyn D

The Cat Naps Hotel and Team are life savers. When my initial plans to have my cats stay with family, as I managed a cross-country move, fell through, Cat Naps was the perfect place to board them. My cats loved the extra attention and safe, welcoming space you provided. Sebastian especially liked being able to play in the play room and on the kitty trees.

I appreciate your attention to detail in taking care of my furbabies. I could not have asked for a better place to take my cats. Thank you so much!

~Jessica G

Once again, Whisper and Nemo, enjoyed their stay. Very happy cats. In fact, Nemo has been unusually playful. I think he got rejuvenated from all the attention and activity. Thanks for all the great care!


I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you gave my cat. I also appreciated the updates while I was traveling. They reassured me that all was well. I loved the cleanliness of your rooms and all of your personal touches. I have already recommended you to several of our cat lover friends and we will also use your services again. Now if I could just find such a nice place for my little pooch. Thanks again!

~Linda R

I'm writing to tell you how much we appreciate you and Catnaps. Since we started boarding our cats with you last year, our vacations have become worry free. In the past we'd hire a neighbor to come in and feed the cats and change their litter. I was always worried about them locking the keys in the house and the cats starving or something crazy happening. Then there were the phone calls saying "your son came home from college this weekend, do you still want me to go in the house to take care of the cats"? Then I'd have to call home, find out his plans and call the sitter back......And I always worried about whether or not a non-cat person would recognize the symptoms of a sick cat and get them to the vet in time.

Boarding at Catnaps has taken all of those worries away. We drop off the cats the day before we leave, finish packing without "help from the cats" and leave for our trip worry free. You are such a "Cat Person". It's obvious you have a second nature about you that understands cat language. You have made observations about our cats that we had never noticed. There's no doubt you pay close attention to them and make sure they're well cared for and entertained.

Dave and Leland, the cats, seem to know when we're going away. They never seem to mind getting into their carriers to head over to Catnaps. They come right out of their carriers now and into their little apartments. When we pick them up they're never in a hurry to leave. They almost seem disappointed to be coming back home from their vacation!

Thanks again for allowing us such peace of mind while we're away.

~ Gloria, John, Dave and Leland

Heidi was a "changed" cat after her stay with you! She was very affectionate, patient, and in tune with our daily habits and we thank you for that! How can a cat come back from boarding and be sweeter? Your magic touch! We even got her the Mewvies and she still loves the chinchilla the best! Thank you!

~Dave & Kathy

"Catnaps Hotel was a wonderful place to board our two cats for two weeks. We loved the size of their room and they loved the quiet atmosphere and all the climbing toys. We appreciated the care Ann, the proprietor, took in understanding our "girls" likes, dislikes, food, medicine etc. This is the first time we boarded our cats where they actually were so comfortable that they wanted to stay sleeping when I came to pick them up. We will be using Catnaps Hotel again!"

~ Pat R.

"I wanted to drop a note of thanks for the wonderful care you gave our cat recently. I'm so glad I found out about the Catnaps hotel. I usually board our cat Lily where I also board our dog. When I pick her up she's a bit nervous and seems to take time to readjust at home. When I boarded her with you, she came home happy and right back into her usual routine. You could tell she was happy and had been taken care of ... so it was great to see she did not feel so stressed after being boarded. I will always bring her to you from now on. I'm so glad I found out about you."

~ Yvonne M.

"Thank you so much for watching our four babies while we were on vacation. And especially thanks for doing the extra effort and spending time working with them for their first trip away from home in a very long time. We're already recommending you to friends and we'll be back next time we take a trip."

~ Ron & Maddy