Services - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Buffalo NY

Boarding Services

What to bring?

  1. The food your cat is accustomed to eating.
  2. Current proof of BOTH rabies & distemper vaccinations (FVRCP).

Vaccination Records

Fax them ahead to 204-8711 for review. Without proof, you will be turned away.

Get vaccinations no less than a few weeks ahead to monitor for any reaction, and give your cat’s system time to build immunity.

What we Supply

We supply bowls/blankets/litter boxes & litter. You do not need to bring these.

Flea prevention is mandatory year round.

Please DO NOT ask for an exception. This is for your cat’s protection. Fleas can survive indoors even in winter. Apply at home, or we can apply Advantage II upon check-in, $16 per cat.

Cats with fleas incur a $75 quarantine and cleaning fee per cat in addition to boarding fee. Fleas are easy to prevent! Use effective flea control recommended by your vet instead of a cheap store brand or knock off. It is worth it!

Services Include

  • Room service and Maid service
  • Soft Music
  • Recreation area
  • Catnip parties
  • Nappy Hour bedtime snack

Optional services:

  • Medication $12 per day. The fee includes giving one medication up to twice daily. We administer medications if your cat safely and willingly accepts it. If not, we cannot guarantee that he will receive it. No injections/no diabetics.