Services - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Buffalo NY

Boarding Services

  • Individual attention/play time 
  • Room service and Maid service 
  • Various musical selections 
  • Exercise/aerobics offered twice daily
  • Catnip parties 
  • Nappy Hour bedtime snack 

What to bring?

  • Food & treats- everything else is included!
  • Toys if desired 
  • Proof of rabies & distemper vaccines-send ahead 

Please apply flea control at home to protect your cat from what another may bring in. Use a reputable brand. If everyone does this, all cats are safe! ($100 fee if fleas detected) 

Sorry, we no longer administer medication or provide medical boarding. We don’t perform medical procedures, give injections or IV fluids, and reserve the right to decline cats with health issues. They should be safely monitored under a doctor’s care at a vet clinic. No extra charge for preparing special diets, within reason. No raw foods please.

Vaccinations take time to build immunity. Safely getting them well ahead of time gives you a chance to monitor for any reaction, changes in behavior, or loss of appetite in your cat while still at home.