Services - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Buffalo NY

Boarding Services

What to bring?

  • Your cat’s food
  • Proof of BOTH rabies&distemper vaccinations (FVRCP).
  • Vaccination Records; Fax them ahead to 204-8711 for review. Without proof, you will be turned away.  Get vaccinations a few weeks ahead to monitor for any reaction, and give your cat’s system time to build immunity.

What we Supply

  • We supply bowls/blankets/litter boxes & litter. Please do not bring these, or large beds.
  • All cats must be on veterinary approved flea control.
  • No exceptions. This is for your cat’s protection. Apply at home, or we can apply Advantage II upon check-in,$16 per cat.
  • Cats with fleas incur costly quarantine and cleaning fees. Fleas are easy to prevent! Use effective flea control recommended by your vet insteadof a cheap store brand.

Services Include

  • Room service and Maid service
  • Soft Music
  • Recreation area
  • Catnip parties
  • Nappy Hour bedtime snack
  • Cats with health issues should board with a veterinarian. We do not perform medical procedures or give injections.