Services - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Buffalo NY

Boarding Services

What to bring?

  • Your cat’s food. Please no blankets/beds/toys/bowls. We supply these.
  • Send proof of rabies & distemper vaccinations (FVRCP). They can be faxed to 716-204-8711 or e-mailed to [email protected] before the visit.
  • Get vaccinations a few weeks ahead to monitor for any reaction, and give your cat’s system time to build immunity.

Please note:

  • Cats must be on veterinary approved flea control applied at home by owner, or already wearing a Seresto collar. This is for your cat’s protection, and everyone else’s cats.
  • Fleas are easy to prevent! Use effective flea control recommended by your vet instead of a cheap store brand. If fleas are detected on your pet, regardless of the source, minimum quarantine and cleaning fee is $100.
  • We don’t perform medical procedures or give injections. Medication can be given mixed with food for an extra fee. Sorry, we reserve the right to decline cats with health issues depending on the situation. They should board with a veterinarian where they can be safely monitored under a doctor’s care. No extra charge for preparing special diets, within reason.

Services Include

  • Room service and Maid service
  • Soft Music
  • Recreation area
  • Catnip parties
  • Nappy Hour bedtime snack