FAQs - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Clarence NY


Can I pick my cat up early if I return home early?

You must pay for all days reserved, even if you come home early. At this time we are requiring pre-payment in full for everyone online by creditcard, to avoid hand to hand transfer of documents in light of the COVID 19 issue.


Do all the cats play together? Can my 2 cats stay in the same room?

We do not ever combine your cats and someone else’s cats in the same room. Only cats from the same family are allowed contact. 2 cats can occupy a premier suite. If you doubt that they will behave kindly to each other, reserve separate rooms.


How often are the cats exercised?

As often as time permits, but normally twice daily..


It’s my cat’s first visit. Can I check on my cat while I’m away?

Yes. We can’t always catch the phone when caring for the cats, so we answer inquiries by e-mail once daily, except on weekends. Please wait untilpartway through the visit to send your message. Cats need time to settle in and adjust to the routine.


What if my cat gets sick or has a problem?

We always recommend having a backup plan for your cat’s care in the event ofillness or a behavioral issue. We have no way to guarantee how yourcat will react to a new boarding situation. List an emergency person who can provide transport to vet. Cats leaving early cannot check back into the facility. Vet bills are the owner's responsibility.


What about long term boarding?

Being a short term facility, there are no discounts. 4 week maximum stay.