FAQs - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Clarence NY


How do online reservations work? 

Due to high demand for services, rooms are only guaranteed for new customers after a deposit and signed application are received. For your convenience, the online form has 2 options: ready to reserve, or simply inquiring about dates. We'll get back to you as to what is currently available.    

Can I check on my cat while I’m away? 

Sure! We’re happy to answer inquiries by e-mail, except on weekends. Waiting until partway through the visit gives them time to settle in and adjust to the routine.

What do I need to bring? 

Bring your cat’s usual food and treats, and a toy if you like. Nothing breakable (dishes) Everything else is provided here. Remember to apply flea control at home and send ahead proof of rabies and distemper vaccines.

Can I drop in?

Tours are suspended during peak times to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the guests. Sorry, random walk ins are not permitted. Cats love to dart towards open doors! The entrance is locked unless we are expecting you, for the safety of our feline guests and caretakers. Cats appreciate routine. While many of the cats know and bond with our caretakers, some cats are uneasy when strangers enter the cat area.

Do you have a full house? Do the cats play together?

No, your cats and someone else’s cats are never combined in the same suite, or in the play area. We frequently reach maximum capacity and recommend booking well ahead.

What if my cat has a problem?

Guests are watched for any sign of distress and we notify you of concerns. Please have a backup plan for your cat’s care in the event of illness or a behavioral issue. There is no guarantee how your cat will react to a new place. Most cats do just fine. Please list an emergency person who can transport to the vet and make medical decisions, someone familiar with your cat.

What about long stays?

There are no discounts. 4 week maximum. (2 week maximum for first time guests)