Resesrvations - Catnaps Hotel - cat boarding Williamsville NY

Helpful Tips

  • Please reserve in advance and provide specific dates. Space is limited. We cannot schedule based on guesswork, and must avoid overlapping days with another customer.
  • Minimum age for boarding kittens is 20 weeks old and fully vaccinated.
  • New boarders maximum age of 14, in good health, no medication. Refrain from boarding cats of any age recently treated for illness, injury, or taking multiple medications. Cats requiring medical care should board with a vet.  No feral or semi-feral cats are permitted.
  • Use a sturdy carrier or a leash. Please do not release your cat in the reception area.
  • Ask a friend or family member to be a contact person. The contact person listed on your paperwork should be able to pick up the cat in the event of an emergency. Please notify them that you are listing them. We always recommend a backup plan for your cat's care, should there be an illness or a behavioral issue.
  • Fax vet records ahead to 204-8711 so we can review for current rabies & distemper (FVRCP). If you arrive with outdated or insufficient paperwork you will be turned away. Vaccinations should be done at least a few weeks prior to your visit.
  • At check-in, remain calm, and say a brief goodbye to help reduce anxiety.
  • Even under the best circumstances boarding can create stress. We provide kindness, care and a stable routine which helps cats to adapt better. Cats are all different. They will progress at their own pace. Most do very well here. Occasionally one does not and we will recommend home care instead. If your cat has responded poorly in the past to new situations or other cats, choose home care.